You can drop donations off during the day at The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit.  The church office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm Phone: 847-437-5897

Because the soldiers’ needs change as the war progresses and some of the items on this list are donated in quantity, please check this list before shopping for items for care packages.

Items We Need For the Next Packing Event

Protein Bars


Full Size Body Wash and Shampoo

Full size deodorant

​Gillette Razors and Cartridge Refills

Letters and drawings thanking our soldiers for what they do.

Items We Always Need 

COFFEE  12 -16 oz bags of ground coffee


​Individual Powdered drinks mixes (Gatorade, lemonade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Tang, Snapple) energy drinks, powdered drink mixes, Instant coffee


AA & AAA batteries

Puzzle, Word Game and Crossword Books

Sunflower Seeds

Ready to Eat Tuna or Chicken Salad kits


New Knit Hats and work gloves, no bright colors that will draw fire

Trail Mix

microwave popcorn

Laundry detergent in capsules form​

 Nissin Cup Noodles

not  Ramen

Cup Noodles are packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup.  This is very convenient for a quick meal for a soldier.

Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Single or Double Pack Toothbrushes 

Men & Women's Body Wash

Beef Jerky

Slim Jims are PORK Sausage and can’t be included in care packages

Canned Goods: 15 oz Chef Boyardee, Beef Stew and Chili, any kind without pork

Men shaving gel, tube only please no aerosols

Gold Bond Medicated body and foot powder

Moisturizing and Sun Block Lotion

Athletes foot powder/cream

Visine or any brand eye drops for dry eyes

Small size Motrin, Advil, Aspirin & Tylenol

Mole skin/boot cushioned insoles

Nail clippers

Cards, Stationary and Pens to write home

Please do NOT donate Aerosol Shaving Cream (prohibited) will explode, OR hotel toiletries BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HOLD UP IN SHIPPING. BAR SOAP IS UNWELCOME BECAUSE OF ODOR.  CAN RUIN A Care Package.